13th, 14th & 15th March 2024

Client Testimonials

The event was, I thought, brilliant. Very well organised, lots of really good calibre companies represented and lots of interesting GCs, assistant GCs and Chief Compliance officers willing to share their challenges and experiences. There is simply no comparative conference forum that brings all the diverse industries across the financial regulated and corporate sector together like this. This year really demonstrated how the glacial shift towards a more universal coverage model across all areas is increasing from where it was 2/5/10 years ago. It also showed how the industries which were lightly regulated previously are having to up their game - there are a lot of new challenges and work for them. Looking forward to next year and again I am very happy to help in any way I personally can.
Chief Compliance Officer, Thomson Reuters
The highlight has been I think the quality of the people we have been able to interact with. I would say it's always good to go to these sessions because no matter how progressive you think your own thinking is, if you don't go to these, you can become blinkered in your approach. Now the world is moving so quickly so even if you’re on top of your game today, in a year's time you won't be because things have moved.
ETS General Counsel, Unilever
I attended the General Counsel Strategy Forum as I am looking for development, new ideas and innovation in the legal market, which this forum is perfect for.
Corporate Counsel, Caterpillar
The group discussion sessions have been good. The general data protection regulations are coming into force and it's good to get some know-how of what other people are doing.
Group General Counsel & Co. Secretary, Croda International PLC
My main reason for coming to a forum like this is to have a look at the diversity of different businesses and opportunities within compliance. I think having worked in compliance for some time in an investment bank you get to see that side but now you get to see a lot of different types of businesses and opportunities outside of that realm.
Managing Director, BAML
Speed networking was quite a fun experience. It's always difficult to get a full pitch in 4 minutes and get interactive, but as a taster to what some of our providers do, I thought it was a great idea and a good opportunity to meet and network with people.
Legal Counsel (Digital), Accenture
Very well organised and executed. I will certainly recommend it to my colleagues.
Head of Risk Regulation & Compliance Programmes, FDM Group
Well organised, it was helpful to hear about the service propositions. Very enjoyable and useful event!
Legal Counsel - Digital, Accenture
Good balance of speaker sessions, networking and sponsor meetings.
Chief Legal Operations Counsel, GE Capital
Thank you very much for the invitation to the event which I attended. It was extremely well organised and enjoyable.
National Compliance Officer, Enterprise Inns plc
The informative sessions were excellent in the main room.
Head of Compliance and Control, SODEXO
Great content, great speakers and well organised. Looking forward to the next one!
Associate General Counsel and Commercial Director, Hitachi Consulting
Business meetings were well set-up and managed to time. Set up a further meeting with one already. Excellent speed networking.
Head of Compliance & Assurance, Serco
Corporate Counsel exchange ideas at this event in an efficient and highly convenient way
Chief Legal officer - DWP
As a legal technology conference this was an excellent event
Head of Legal - Aurora International
The conference was thought provoking and insightful, thank you.
Group Legal Head - Giardo PLC
I think the quality of the speakers is top notch, there's people from worldwide organisations, Microsoft and Toyota for example, and the thing that I like very much about this event is not just the presentations from world class individuals but also the networking that you can do in the time between the presentations, and that's I think where we General Counsels and Compliance advisors get the most benefit.
General Counsel - Harper Collins Publishers
I think the main attraction is the calibre of companies and the people that are here, a lot of diverse sectors and also the skill levels and seniority.
Legal Compliance and Regulatory Counsel - Orange
You meet like-minded people in similar roles and it's great to have similar conversations and share learnings and share experiences
Group Ethics and Compliance Director and COO - BT
The big draw for me was actually the opportunity to go and meet some people who are probably experiencing the same sort of business issues that I am. This provided the opportunity to compare notes and talk about best practice in an out of office environment, engage with some suppliers, talk about technology and really have a day out the office thinking about things that I don't often get the time to do.
European Counsel Accident and Health - Chubb Insurance Group
I recommend this General Counsel forum to everybody within the industry to come to network to learn about our profession and take that time away from the office to have that networking opportunity
Legal and Regulatory Manager - National Grid
There's an opportunity over a day and a half to really reflect on developments with a senior group of people, so it's a wonderful opportunity to share ideas and determine how we go forward.
Assistant General Counsel - Microsoft