13th, 14th & 15th March 2024

Provider Testimonials

The format is unique and interesting for both vendors and delegates. The food has been good, the venue did a good job of getting people organised into the lines so that there weren’t any delays, we’ve had fantastic weather and the grounds are beautiful.
CEO, CLM Matrix
With the depth of conversations I’ve been having with attendees, I sense that people are engaged at the right level and have a real insight in issues that we look at for companies.
EMEA Regional Chair, Exiger
Vannin's here today because we wanted to find a different conference or forum to demonstrate who we are and what we do. We do many legal conferences and forums but we saw a real opportunity with coming to the General Counsel and Compliance Strategy Forum today.
Chief Marketing Officer, Vannin
The prime reason why we are joining this particular conference for a second year is because of the quality of the delegates, the quality of the institutions they represent and the geographical diversity.
EMEA Specialist Consultant, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
The engagement with the delegates has been excellent. It is the first time we have done this and it has been really interesting to me to meet a number of people at different levels across various organisations and it is something we're looking forward to following up on. I would definitely recommend it both to suppliers and delegates as something to look at.
Joint CEO, Ashford Solutions
The seniority in the business levels is very high. The sort of people I have been having one-to-one meetings with over the last 3 or 4 hours has been general counsel, senior legal counsel, lawyers... so we are not just dealing with assistants in legal teams. The people we're talking to are the people we like to go and see are actually in the law firms or in those particular companies.
Account Director, Thomson Reuters
I'm impressed with their level of organisation and what I loved was the fact that actually everything seemed planned and rehearsed and they had kind of thought about pretty much everything in terms of the organisation of the event. It is the little things that make a big difference so that was really important and helped gel the day. There is a significant amount of value that you get out of spending time with such a senior level legal and compliance audience, so for us it has been highly beneficial.
EMEA Marketing, Seal Software
The highlight so far has probably been the speed networking - the ability to get in front of 100+ delegates in the space of probably less than an hour.
Chief Innovation Officer, Premonition
The speed dating meant that we're able to connect with every delegate at the event so in terms of post-event follow-up, it makes that a lot easier to be honest and a lot more effective.
Head of Business Development, ContractPod
It was worth the trip from South Africa for the one-on-one pre-booked meetings alone and there was some good stuff around quite a few of the presentations as well. I think I'm going away with around a dozen good early seeds of relationships.
Joint Head of Corporate Commercial Department - ENS Africa
I think the one-on-one meetings that last 15 minutes have been fantastic. There's been a level of prequalification that enables us as suppliers to understand exactly what the areas of interest are for that particular individual that you're meeting. The quality of the delegates and their areas of interest have been frankly the most appealing thing and the most successful thing about the entire conference.
Global Head of Legal process Outsourcing - Integreon
For the actual engagements during the forum, the level of engagement was of a high level and of an honest level, so there were certainly no time wasters, solidly, you can never say what these sorts of events will produce but I think the next couple of weeks I expect to be positive in terms of follow up.
Founder and Director - Symfact
We have met some potential leads and we have set up some follow up meetings, we are going to do a detailed demo, and they’re going to discuss with their stakeholders and we are hoping to have business from them.
CEO - Leaflet Corporation
Our client base tends to be General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officers and Chief Procurement Officers of large international businesses, whether they are FTSE 100 or Fortune 500. Certainly in this conference, one of the most useful things has been that there have been a lot of decision makers who have budget, who sign off and who take decisions.
Co-Founder and Director - NewGalexy